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Note:  The retired teachers listed below have asked to be included in this list.  They are included so former students and parents can contact them.  They enjoy hearing updates of how their students are doing!
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TeacherSubjectWeb PageE-mail
TeacherSubjectWeb PageE-mail
Miss Diane Loy Retired  dlbearfan@yahoo.com 
Mrs. Christy Lipinski Kindergarten Aide   
Mrs. Christy Oskorep Art & Computers Website oskorepc@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Joanne Garrigan 8rd Grade Website garriganj@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Judy Bajko Kindergarten Aide   
Mrs. Krysta Urena Pre-K 3 Teacher  urenak@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Leah Herman Reading and Math Resource website hermanl@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Leslie Garay 5th Grade website garayl@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Marie Schmidt 2nd Grade website schmidtmt@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Mary Beth Jordan 6th Grade Homeroom; 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Language Arts  jordanmb@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Mary Chmielewski Kindergarten website chmielewskim@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Mary Pat Johnson Pre-K 4 website johnsonmp@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Maureen Rossi 4th - 8th Grades - Science Website rossim@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Melissa Nosal Pre-K 3 Aide   
Mrs. Michelle Cramer Retired  michcathome@aol.com 
Mrs. Nora Duran Pre-K 4 Aide  durann@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Renee Link Principal  linkr@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Sally Quinlan 3rd Grade  quinlans@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Sara Wirkus Administrative Assistant  wirkuss@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Stacy Schimbke Physical Education  schimbkes@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Susan McCabe 4th Grade  mccabes@st-cath.net 
Mrs. Tracy Wahl 1st Grade  wahlt@st-cath.net 
Mr. William Marlin 7th Grade Homeroom & Religion; 6th - 8th Grade Math website marlinw@st-cath.net 
Showing 23 items